Conserving Energy.
Cultivating Comfort.
Cutting costs.

Our Vision

Central Texas Energy Solutions is a unique retro-commissioning company offering energy efficiency solutions. CTES helps clients realize the highest energy savings per dollar spent.

CTES will analyze your facility’s energy usage and any comfort problems, and then provide you with an engineered solution, taking into account your building’s envelope characteristics, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, and operational needs. Our experts will present the most cost effective solutions to be considered for implementation, along with the associated returns on investment.

We specialize in identifying low or no cost solutions that achieve on average 30% reduction and as high as 50% reduction or more in energy expense and pay for themselves in 2-4 years! In addition to these savings, we also offer renewable energy sources and can even broker an improved energy rate in deregulated areas of Texas!

On top of all that, often we are able to offer these savings with NO out of pocket cost by working with Federal, State, and energy company rebate and tax credit programs along with a group of lenders that recognize the value of energy efficiency and green energy! We believe we should be the first and last call you will ever have to make for your building comfort and energy efficiency needs!

What is retro-commissioning?

Retro-commissioning is a systematic process to improve an existing building’s performance.

In English, please: We’re a one-stop-shop for identifying and correcting system inefficiencies resulting in dramatic reduction of energy costs. No comfort sacrifice. Just efficient optimization.